Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shabby chic Tussie Mussie

Hello friends!  I have been seeing alot of Valentine tussie mussies out there in blogland and I wanted to make one.  BUT when I got started it somehow turned into a wedding thing... well... you know what's on my mind.   Anyhow, I came up with something I think will be great for the bridesmaids to carry.  I put dried flowers in this one but for the wedding--we will have fresh flowers.  So.. what do you think?


  1. Beautiful your tussie mussie Cathy,
    Could you visit my new post, surprise for you ;)
    have a nice week

    1. Thanks so much Ayu! And I am SO excited about my surprise!

  2. Beautiful Cathy!

    Pam Brown