Sunday, February 24, 2013

Altered Wedding Guest Book Tutorial

Hi Guys!  Today is Saturday so I spent the  morning  doing my usual "Saturday Scrounging" at the local thrift stores.    I have been looking for Hilary a wedding guest book (not usually at thrift stores --lol!).  I had seen several on Etsy that were gorgeous; but priced at 100-150 dollars -- I just could not justify spending that on such a small book!  I am sure they are worth every penny for all the hard work the designer has put into them, but it's not something I put into our wedding budget. So -- you can imagine how my wheels started turning when I saw a new little wedding guest book for $1.00.  YES -- that's right $1.00.  However, it was ugly not very attractive or stylish.  So I snatched it up and brought it home with visions of hot glue, burlap, lace and pearls in my head. And here's what I ended up with  -- along with a short tutorial on how I did it!

I hope Hilary and John like it!

Here is what the poor little thing looked like to begin with.

First,  I took the insides of the book away from the cover  Pulling apart  carefully where it was glued together.

Now I had the ugly cover, the pages and the binder all separated.

Next, I used the old cover as a pattern and cut a piece of burlap the same size.  Now -- don't laugh at this part.  But I used duct tape to secure the burlap to the book edges.  I knew I would be adding hot glue over that part too -- so being the good ole' Southern gal that I am -- I did what every southerner does--  I fixed it with duct tape!  lol.  The next step was to hot glue the book pages back into the binder and then decorate the front.

All done!

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  1. Love it mom!!! Like I said, you could make trash beautiful.

  2. I think it's a winner! She REALLY likes it! LOL. Me too!


  3. Great re-make! Your talent is boundless~

  4. Lovely! Isn't it a great feeling to find a bargain, add a little love, and come up with a keepsake?

  5. Love it! You can work wonders with just about everything!

  6. I love it, so does John's grandmom. You are very talented.

  7. Wish I had just a bit of your creativity.

  8. Wish I had just a bit of your creativity.