Friday, June 27, 2014

Flowers for a Lovely Lady

My brother- in- law and sister lost his precious mother last November.   She was a wonderful, Christian lady who had the most gorgeous blue eyes that would light up every time she smiled.     She was so positive and loving; despite being bed ridden for the last year of her life.   My brother in law called and asked if I would be willing to do her casket spray.  I was so honored to be able to do this for such a special lady.  Keep in mind -- I am not a professional florist by any stretch of the imagination and have only done one other casket arrangement (for my mother).   I talked with her daughter and found out  that blue was her favorite color.  When I  saw this blue color hydrangea at Hobby Lobby -- I knew it was the color we needed.  The colors reminded me of her.  Serene and peaceful.   She is definitely missed by everyone who knew her and she will never be forgotten.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Rocking chair Make-over

Hello friends.  I am so glad to be back and working on crafts again.  I wanted to share my recent project-- my back porch.  I am in the process of updating it.  The furniture and décor is very dated and needs changing.  After flippin' through  a zillion décor magazines and stalking pinterest...   I have decided to go "bold' with color.  I bought this rocking chair from a yard sale last year.  It has been sitting around just waiting on some attention.  Now, I know some of you will groan when you read this -- but I scraped off all that lovely, chippy, old paint and  I painted it a gorgeous shade of orange.  The color matches the fabric that I am re-upholstering the furniture with. ( I will share that project when I get finished.) Now -- I can't wait for a good rain shower so I can sit out there and enjoy my new chair!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel

Hello bloggin' friends!  As most of you know, I have been taking a break from bloggin' and all my crafting.  I have missed it SO much.  But, I have been very busy.  My youngest daughter graduated from high school and we went on a cruise to celebrate.  It was a much needed vacation and we  had a blast.  As far as my carpal tunnel problem goes --  it is much better for the moment.  I received  a steroid shot in each hand and the pain is very minimal now.  However, if I get too excited and start trying to knit or type ... it comes back.  I am still having the surgery, but would like to put it off till after summer.  This week we are having  VBS.  (I will post photos from that soon.)  In the meantime -- I wanted to share some of our vacation photos. 

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