Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty College room decor ideas

My middle daughter transferred from her Jr. College this year.  She is now 4 hours away and it might as well be 40!  I miss her and she is feeling a little homesick too.  She is staying with family and only about 8 miles from campus.  She is so blessed to be able to live with my sister and family.  They have a complete basement with bedroom and bath that is all hers!  We all had so much fun decorating it for her and my sister and family were so sweet to welcome her in.  I wanted to share the pictures with you.  I collected the things for her room for about a year.  So -- after many yard sale, thrift store and bargain shopping trips... here is what we came up with.  Hope you like it.  She sure does!
My sister and family did so much to make Hannah's move special.  They filled her ceiling with balloons and made her special gifts like the scrabble letters, lego d├ęcor and a welcome basket full of goodies!  She is so blessed to be able to stay with them.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chevron Ice Cream/Cupcake Party

Hello bloggin' friends!  I wanted to share my daughter's 17th birthday party with you.  She is a huge fan of ice cream; so we decided to have an ice cream sundae party.  I found the adorable chevron print party supplies at WalMart.  (.97 cents per package -- can't beat that!)  We invited the family over and  enjoyed ice cream sundaes with all the toppings! 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

"Sew in Love" Bridal Shower

I'm back!  I missed all my bloggin' friends.  I have been so busy with projects that I could not share because it would ruin the surprise for my daughter.  BUT -- now her bridal tea is over and I can share it with you guys.  I had so much fun planning all the decorations for her tea.  It was so sweet of her church family and family members to plan this event for Hilary and John.  Hilary loves to sew and John is also a fan of all things handmade.. so I decided to go with a "Sewing Theme". (A lot of these ideas I got from pinterest).  I am honored that they allowed me to do the decorating and that her Aunt Amanda took the photos so I can share them with you today!   Hope you like them!

I made Hilary and John's corsage and boutonniere using materials from my mother's corsage that
she wore on her wedding day.  She had saved it in her cedar chest all these years.  Wish she
could have seen them!  I think she would have been proud.


Registration table

I bought a simple wedding registry book at a flea market for $1.00
and 'revamped' it with burlap, flowers and such.

Vintage sewing supplies

The typewriter had a piece of paper labeled "Our Love Story"
and listed all the important dates in their relationship so far.

Picture collage with sweet saying added

I used vintage spools and wrapped them in burlap or lace.

My 3 girls

I borrowed this vintage pedal foot Singer from a dear friend and placed
the quilt that I made for Hilary and John on it.  The glass jar has vintage
thread on wooden spools placed inside.

I found these vintage patterns at a yard sale.  Several of the patterns
were for wedding and bridesmaids dresses!

Punch table.  We had coffee punch.  (Hilary's favorite)

Old shutter with blue mason jars and babies breath.  The blue jars
added just enough color to make it beautiful.  A dear friend used these
for her granddaughter's wedding and let me borrow them.

Found this adorable tea/coffee pot at an estate sale
I saw a "fake cake" similar to  this on pinterest and fell in love.  I made it with
round boxes from Hobby Lobby and added sewing elements to
go with the theme.
I wore this vintage hat to a Girl Scout's Old Fashion Tea Party
when Hilary was 8 years old. 

I made all the bodice pin cushions using a pattern
I found online.  Then I added tags with saying about sewing
and marriage and hot glued the bodices to a candle stick.

Strawberry cake with chocolate covered strawberries.  Delicious! 
Made by a local bakery called "Velvet J's"

The food was delicious and provided or made by our local church
social committee, my sweet Stepmother and Stepsister, my cousin,
 and my wonderful sisters!

Sand tarts... Mmmmm.

Chocolate covered strawberries and of course.. Had to throw
in one of my beloved hens!
We added  some birds in memory
of my mother.  We missed her so much.  Behind
that is another vintage spool with lace.
After erasing so much I thought the board would fall apart;
I was finally able to get this print to look decent!

Another pinterest idea... Flower made from coffee filters
and adhered to a hula hoop.
Found this old gate in my sister in law's backyard. She
was so sweet to let us use it!   I hung another banner I sewed
using scrap paper and lace across it.
I used a clothes pin and string to put up some
pictures of Hilary and John.

A thrift store find  that  I added some dried flowers and babies breath to.
Card Basket with burlap banner and old keys.
John's family

The bride and groom with the two moms!  Also, a shot of the
"sew in love" banner I made with scrap paper, lace, burlap and
strips of pink material.

The Crosson girls
Full view of quilt.  It's a lap size and it's not sewn crooked.. it's just the way we were holding it.  Lol. 
I called it the "3 bird quilt" because I had 3 birds stitched down the center row. 
Closer up view

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