Monday, February 11, 2013

A Lovely Thrift Store Find

Hello friends!  While Hope and I were out on our "Saturday Scrounging" trip this past weekend; we found this pretty little heart wreath.  It looked so shabby chic and was priced just right at $2.00!  I brought it home and filled it up with some pretty dried roses and babies breath.   Another lucky find!  I just love thrift stores!  Don't you?

The "After"

The "Before"


  1. Love it Cathy!

    Pam Brown

  2. Cathy so lovely finds!
    I love thrift shops too.
    have a good week Cathy!

  3. Another awesome job! You do GREAT work!

  4. Oh, yes, I do love thrift stores--and I love reading about the finds of others, too!

  5. Great find and I love the dried roses & babies breath:)

  6. Very cute! Great for valentine's day!

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    Jenna @