Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Very Easy Spring Strip Quilt

Hello Friends!  I don't think I ever shared my first strip quilt that I made with you, did I?  My middle daughter is getting ready to transfer colleges this fall and we are beginning to make plans for her "dorm room" decorations.  She loves this quilt -- so we decided it would be the inspiration for her room. We plan on painting her a headboard, footboard, desk and small shelf to match.  She LOVES summer time and bright colors; so we thought this would really be "cheery" for her.  The quilt was so easy and fun to make.  I used 2  jelly rolls that I found at WalMart (on clearance) and just started sewing all the strips together. I found a tutorial on youtube about how to make strip quilts.  I would share it, but I can't remember which tutuorial I used.  (There are lots of them out there.)   Finally, I used an orange gingham for the border and  a celery colored material for the backing.  I  am pleased with the results:)  Hope you like it too!


Thanks for stopping in to pay a visit.  See you again soon, I hope!


  1. Beautiful Cathy! But what are jelly rolls that you purchased at WalMart?

    Pam B.

    1. Jelly Rolls are just coordinating strips of material about 2 1/2 inches wide and about 20 inches long all rolled together. WalMart does not sell them anymore but you can find them at Hobby Lobby or any other material store. The strip quilts are very easy to make!

  2. The jelly roll question was the same one I had, thanks Pam and Cathy... Nice quilt~

  3. That came out really great and sounds kinda something I could actually! Thanks for sharing:)