Friday, March 15, 2013

My Thrifty Easter Mantel

Hello again, friends!  I wanted to share my "thrifty" dining room decorations and  spring mantel with you.  I purchased almost everything on it from the thrift stores. (not in one shopping trip, though... no one is THAT lucky!)   Hope you enjoy! 

I found this SPRING sign at our thrift store for $8.00.  Each letter is about 30 inches tall so it really is big.  I love the texture and patterns on this.  I placed it on my bench beneath the dining room mantel.

 Sorry my picture of the mantel  is not too great.  You see more of the dining room wall due to this big mirror! By the way.. my next home improvement project is to update my very dated dining room!  

 I found these egg candles 3 for $1.00 at the thrift store.  The brass candles sticks were .50 each.

The little eggs were included in a gift to me from my step-mother.  I just pulled them out of their little nest and "borrowed" them for my mantel. 

 I also got these 2 cute bunnies from the thrift store for 1.50 each.  Aren't they just adorable?

All the candle sticks  on the mantel were thrift store finds that I have painted white.

 The feather wreath was also a great  thrift store find for $2.00.  I just plopped the little soap roses that I purchased 6 to a pack at the Dollar Tree in the center.

I found this "'egg shell" at the thrift store for .49.  It was an ugly dark color  -- But I saw some potential.  And for .49 cents -- I could not resist.  I brought it home and just  painted it pink.  I stuck 2 carrots and a flower sprig in it.  I thought it was cute placed on  a pile of moss just sitting on an up -cycled candle stick.

I already had 2 of these tea light candle birdies that I used on my daughter's graduation table.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Come again soon!


  1. Isn't decorating fun? You have some cute finds!

  2. Yes, it is fun:) I love coming across a good find too!

  3. Cute! "Bunny Land" is on my mantel!

  4. Pretty and thrifty decorations. I never decorate for anything but Christmas. I just oogle over everyone else's pretty ideas and decorating skills. Like yours! Stopping by from Find a Friend Friday.

    1. Thanks for stopping in! I use any old excuse to change up decorations. Not that I am that great at it -- I just enjoy doing it!

  5. Those bunnies are very adorable! great job getting them for just $1.50!

    1. Thanks, Teenah! I love a good thrift store find! Glad you dropped by to visit!