Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living Room Easter Mantel

Happy Weekend!  I love Saturdays.  I just enjoy going to  bed on Friday night and NOT setting the alarm clock. Weekends are for fun things!!!   I had a little time today  to work on some chalkboard art.  I am pretty pleased with the results.  I placed one on my Easter mantel in the living room and one on the back porch.  I still need a little lots of practice.. but I am getting there!  Here are some pics of my mantel and the sign on the back porch.

I saw a sign like this @ www. and I thought it was so beautiful.  She has lots of beautiful art there.  Go check her out for inspiration for your own chalk art.
You know I just can't ever remove the portrait of my girls when I decorate my mantel.  I just love it; so I just work around it.   They love being in the middle of things anyhow!
I love these little birds sitting on a stack of vintage books.
Can you see the little bird peeking out of his cage?
And, of course, anytime I can-- I have to stick some of my hen collectibles in the mix!
Here's the Chalkboard sign for the back porch.  I came up with this design myself. (Not too hard to believe is it?  Lol.  It's nothing fancy!)
Thanks for popping in to see me!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


  1. Hi Cathy! Oh, your mantel looks wonderful! I love the picture of your three beautiful girls. I'd leave it up there too! I have started collected these little chicken covered dishes like yours. I love them.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Love your mantel and your girls are beautiful! Very blessed. Happy Easter!

    1. I am blessed and very thankful too! Thanks for poppin' by!

  3. Cathy I think your mantel looks wonderful.the birdcage and birds, the chalkboard all look wonderful.But I have to say the picture of your girls takes all. I also have 3 girls, I know what a wonderful gift we have been given! Very nice post. Happy Easter

    1. Thanks so much! It is wonderful having 3 girls! We are blessed:)

  4. Your mantle looks terrific! I love the chalkboard "He has risen". I'm your newest follower as well :)