Monday, October 6, 2014

White Pumpkin Topiary DIY

Hello friends!  Isn't this fall weather just wonderful?  I am enjoying the fall decorations and crisp, cool air.  I just love the white pumpkins that are  in style this year!  However, I found out that everybody does not feel that way.  When I showed my white pumpkin topiary to my daughter, she said, "When are you going to paint the pumpkins orange?"  Lol.  So, I added a little orange highlighting to keep everyone happy.  Below I have included the supply list and directions for the pumpkin topiary I made.  Hope you enjoy it and make one of your own!

First, spray paint your pumpkins white.  It will take several coats.  Then, remove the top stems from your three pumpkins BUT save one.  (they should pull off easily).  Place two foam disks in the bottom of your topiary container of choice.  I found my buckets at Hobby Lobby.  (I hot glued the disk to the bottom and then stuffed newspaper on the sides to hold it sturdier.)  Put moss on top of the foam.  Stick the dowel rod in the center of the foam in the pot.  Then, spear the bottom of the first pumpkin and go through the top.  Pull it down to the moss and sit it on top of the moss.  Next, hot glue moss/leaves on top of the first pumpkin and then spear second pumpkin on top of that. Apply moss/leaves again on top and then spear last pumpkin on that.  Now you will have some of the dowel rod sticking out of the first pumpkin.  Take the pumpkin stem you removed and  measure how much you need to leave of the dowel rod sticking out of top just enough to spear the stem on.  Cut the dowel rod to that length and then apply the pumpkin stem onto the dowel.  Hot glue the stem, moss, and leaves to the top.  Last, brush on a little burnt orange paint in random places on the pumpkins in a vertical motion.   I also painted my stem a brown color.  Embellish to your liking and you are done!  Now you have an easy, stylish, and affordable pumpkin topiary! (or make two!)  Happy Fall Ya'll!