Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bookshelf re-decorating

Disorganization has been driving me nuts lately!  My house almost looks like a hoarder's home. But never fear --  I have started the cleaning out process.  I emptied up my shelves in the living room and donated  8 boxes to the thrift store!  However, afterward  I found myself buying nick-nacks to place on my shelves because they looked too empty.  Lol.  Will this insanity ever stop?  Seriously, I found some really cute deals at our local thrift store to help add more style to my shelves.  Check out that adorable gold quail in the middle section in front of my three girls pictures.  It was $1.00 at the Miserly Mutt!  Lots of the milk glass I have were thrift store and yard sale finds.  Have I mentioned how much I love milk glass?  I spent a lot of time online learning how to "place" everything and how to "layer/build up" my nick-nacks.  I think it looks much better -- but I am sure it could still use some help.   Anyhow, this is just the beginning of my organization.  I am SERIOUSLY cleaning out my house.  I mean, how many of us actually  display, wear  or even use all the junk we have squirreled away?  Stay tuned for more.  This is only one side of my shelves.  I have the other completed but have not taken pictures yet.  By the way -- please excuse the poor quality of my pictures.  Now you know what I want for Christmas this year!  A decent camera! 
Thanks for dropping by!