Monday, June 17, 2013

"Great Mom" challenge from "The Pink Lab"

The Pink Lab - Mom Blog Challenge

Oh my.. Heather over at  has challenged me to list 10 reasons why I think I'm a great mom.  Why didn't she just ask me to build a life size Statue of Liberty with toothpicks?  Seriously.... this is not easy for me to do because some days I feel like a terrible mom.  I am sure we all feel that way sometimes.  But I am going to try to think positive and list some things that my children have mentioned that they like about me.

1.  I believe in having fun and sometimes "breaking the rules"  in order to make memories.

2.  I like to make every road trip an adventure.  Half the fun of going somewhere is what you find along the way.

3.  I pray for and with my children  daily.

4.  I cook their favorite foods and snacks for them.

5.  I have taught them all how to be creative.  My oldest daughter enjoys quilting, sewing, painting, and re-finishing furniture.  My middle daughter loves nature and anything and everything home made.  She plans to get her degree in Environmental Engineering.  She is my tree -hugger!   My youngest  daughter paints, loves to bake desserts, and enjoys digital design. 

6.  I go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals and plans in life.

7.  I listen to their problems and TRY to keep my mouth shut with my opinions.

8.  I have taught my children to love books.

9.  Our family is involved in church activities.  I took my children to Sunday School, church,  every Bible School at church and taught them to be helpers when they were too old to attend. (well .. not just ME.  My husband had a hand in this too:)  We still enjoy participation in VBS every year.

10. I stayed at home with my children when they were young.  My sweet husband worked hard to make this happen.  We spent lots of time together doing creative and fun things.  Gardening, baking, craft making, going to library programs,  picnics, swimming, watching favorite cartoons and just discovering life together.

I hope this does not sound like I am bragging.  Heather was sweet to ask me to participate and I did not want to let her down.  Now that I have wrote down these things.. I do feel like a great mom!  Wow!  Maybe I have done a pretty good job!  Lol!  Heather would like to see this challenge continue.. so why don't you grab the icon and take the challenge too?   You might be like me and come up with some pretty good reasons why you are a great mom!  Thanks for the challenge, Heather!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like I should be taking "awesome mom" lessons from you! :) Thanks for taking the challenge. Your list is very encouraging and uplifting.