Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 Summer Deck Decor

Hello friends!  I have been working hard to get our summer deck ready for some r and r.  We have an above ground pool with a deck that surrounds one side of it (my sweet husband built it for us!).  We all love spending time on the deck -- either napping in the hammock, eating, reading, bird watching, sun bathing or just listening to music.  It has a great shady area which is  provided by our popcorn tree (which can be quite messy in the fall). This year, I decided I  wanted a "pop" of color on the deck.  I choose to go with red and orange.  My nephew works in the produce department and was able to get me some crates to use for a variety of things.  I made a couple of signs with the tops of the crates and  used some of them as side tables for drinks and magazines.  I took my old plastic pots and planters (that were clay colored originally) and spray painted them orange and red.  I planted some flowers in them and it really turned out nice.  I hung my hummingbird feeders closer to the deck and I think they like all the color too!   



Thanks for dropping by.  Now I am going to sit out on my deck and enjoy this nice breeze.  I am sure I won't be out there long though... I hear a storm coming.  Have a great evening!


  1. Love the deck sign and your flowers are beautiful

  2. Love it! Hope I get to come soon!

  3. Your Backyard is simply beautiful!..Come on over and landscape mine! It could use a "lift"..

    1. Thanks so much:) But believe me.. I still have plenty to do in order to get my yard looking good:)