Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easy to make SpongeBob t shirt dress

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?  SpongeBob Square Pants!  Lol.  How can you not just love this squishy yellow fellow?  A sweet little friend of mine wanted to dress as SpongeBob for character day at school.  The only costumes available to buy were big and bulky and would not be comfortable to wear at school all day long.  So, we decided to just sew her up one. It  turned out cute and she seemed to like it.  Here are the "how to's" in case you would like to make one of your own.  It was really very easy.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting!

I purchased the yellow t shirt a size bigger than she normally wears.  (this one is a child's size medium)   I also bought 1/2 yard of brown fabric. 
I tried the t shirt on her and marked where I wanted the skirt to start.  Next, I cut off the bottom of the t shirt below my mark.  Then,  I measured the brown fabric to the width of the t shirt bottom  and doubled that.  Then I cut the brown fabric into two pieces and sewed up both edges. (right sides together).  Finally, I turned it inside out, pinned the brown fabric inside the shirt and sewed it together. 

I cut the belt, tie, eyes, mouth, teeth and nose from felt and sewed them on.  I drew on the eyelashes, tongue, spots and smile lines with fabric markers.  Then I tried it on her and hemmed it.  She wanted the nose to "stick out" so I just sewed the edge of it down.
Ta da... and here she is....  complete with her striped socks and ready for character day!