Saturday, April 13, 2013

Old 1960's Metal Pantry Cabinet Make-over

Hello friends!  Hope your weekend is going well.  My sweet husband helped me with a project today.  This old metal cabinet belonged to my mom and she used it in her kitchen as a food pantry for years. (I think she purchased it in the 1960's.)    She gave it to me about ten years ago to use as a tool cabinet for Tracy.   Well.. Tracy recently built a tool closet -- so that left this cabinet unused and very unloved looking.  And you know me -- I refused to throw it out beside the road.  I picked out a pretty green color and Tracy so sweetly  painted it and  touched up the inside of it for me!  I plan to put it in my craft room.  Never can have enough storage space for craft stuff!!  Hope you like our cabinet re-do!
Look at all that storage space!
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  1. Very nice! And there is something about that it!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    @ Notions from Nonny

    1. I started off with the idea to paint it yellow. However, the yellow paint I bought was not doing well.. so I changed to this green. Which ilove!

  2. Nice! What a great storage piece. You are right - you can never have enough storage in your craft room!
    - Sarah's Stamp Lab

  3. Great storage space and it had sentimental value too!

    1. Sarah, Yes it does! I remember as a teenager pulling so many cans of spaggettio's and meatballs out of this food pantry! Lol. I loved those things!