Monday, August 4, 2014

Using your talents for His purpose

I recently made a new crafting friend.  Her name is Vicki T.  Vicki is using her talents to make a difference in our community.  She sews these beautiful blankets for our local Save A Life Center.  She chooses mostly non-gender fabrics and sews them into a perfect size baby quilt.  She then sews a label into each quilt with Jeremiah 1:5  on it.  Her quilts are so beautiful and colorful.  (The one with ducks was my favorite!)    I asked her to share her story with us and this is what she wrote:
"I love to meet fellow crafters and quilters.  We always seem to get along really well with the common thread of working with beautiful materials.  These are my gift to God and women who chose to give life to the little life growing inside of them and to the people who work with these ladies with a heart for Christ.  It kept my sanity while being a caregiver along with my husband for my dementiaed  mother-in-law.  We moved down here in '05 to "help" her with the house not knowing what we were dealing with in the mental capacity.  It was a long journey and many evenings while she was watching the same TV programs over and over again, I would sew.  My husband and I would trade off who would sit with her that evening because we couldn't leave her alone nor did she like being left alone.  I enjoy this so much and I pray over each one as I make it for happy times for mom and baby.  One time when we finally had caregivers the last 9 months, my mother-in-law wanted to leave and go to bed before the show was over.  The care giver expressed dismay on the ending.  I believe I had seen it many times.  I was able to enlighten her to its ending. She passed on March, 2013
Sewing is my joy.  The blankets have evolved.  The one thing that I had to remember was the blankets did not have to be heavy because the winters here are never as cold as Nebraska where I used to live.  I still have not worn the my winter coat from there.   I want to learn how to use my embroidery machine and sew a cross on each one too.  I'll get there sooner or later.  "
God bless from a fellow crafter.
Vicki T., West Point, GA 

Vicki is a special lady.  I don't have alot of talents such as singing or teaching; but I can craft.  I try to find ways to use my talents for God's purpose and Vicki inspires me.   Thanks for visiting.  See you soon!

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  1. Vicki, I enjoyed reading your testimonial about the baby blankets. I especially like the verse that you add to each blanket. What a great reminder for all who see it. Cathy - you may have to pass this along to Vicki.