Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wooden faux fireplace Cover

I saw this picture of a lovely faux log fireplace cover on one of my friends (Carson's) facebook this morning. I thought it was so adorable. Carson agreed to send me the "how to's" and a few more pictures to share. Hope you like it as much as I do. They did an awesome job! Here are the instructions she sent me:

"We had some fallen oak limbs in our yard that we let dry since summer. Jeff cut them with his miter saw to different depths for interest ( he didn't do any deeper than what he could use a finishing nail gun with to attach them). He cut a piece of plywood the exact opening of the fireplace and attached foam insulation to the back. Then he stained the plywood with an ebony color. He did cut some 2x4s to make "L" shaped brackets on the back of the board for extra support and weight to keep it upright. Then I arranged all the pieces he cut, so everything looked balanced. He then nailed all the pieces into the plywood from the front through the discs of wood. A couple of the pieces of wood were loose, so he nailed those from the back. It was a quick project. All the pieces were left over from other projects except the stain, and that only cost $4!"

I seriously have got to try this for our fireplace.. as soon as I can get rid of the ugly brass cover I have on it! Thanks, Carson and Jeff, for sharing your DIY project with us!
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