Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Day Photographs

Well.. I can't believe the wedding has come and gone.  After a year of planning and dreaming; it was even better than we could have imagined!  It was SO much fun and everything turned out great. (Thanks to our wonderful family and friends who pitched in to help us!)   I am anxious to share  the wedding and the reception  photos with you.. but it's going to be about two weeks before the reception shots are ready.  We had two photographers.. one for wedding shots and one for the reception.  However  -- our wedding photographer has released some of the photos to us.  Hilary and I were so pleased!  The photographer was my sister in law, Amanda.  She did an AWESOME job and really captured the mood of the day in her pictures.  Hope you enjoy!  Stay tuned for more photos to come soon.

Our family

They saw each other before the wedding so they would not keep guests waiting afterwards.  He walked away from the door and she walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.  We were all peeking from a nearby window.  Very special moment!

You can see us peeking from the window here!  Lol!

Bridesmaids robes

My beautiful niece and daughter.  I call this the "Great Gasby" shot.

My extended family

My Three Girls
This beautiful shawl was made by a friend of John's family for Hilary.

Bride and groom with parents
     Thanks for dropping by.  Can't wait to share the other photos with you!
( I will have some tutorials for some of the decorations that I made.)