Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Backyard Birding Fun

Hello friends!  Sorry I have been away for a few days but I have been so busy!  I really enjoyed the holiday weekend.  I was able to finish alot of projects (which I will post very soon) and enjoy some time bird watching in my back yard.  Here are a few pictures that my daughter took for me while we watched the birds having fun at one of my feeders.

Male Cardinal

White Breasted Nuthatcher
Gray Catbird
 I have been searching the internet for some DIY ideas for bird baths and feeders.  Here are a few that I have saved photos of.  They are so cute.  Hope to get some of these made in the near future.


If you have some bird bath and feeder ideas -- please share them with me!  Thanks for stoppin' by to visit.  Come back soon!


  1. You do know your birds and the birds are lucky to know you!!!!

    1. Thanks so much:) My mom was a birder and that's what got me interested.

  2. Great pics and I love the feeder ideas!

  3. These ideas are great!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!